lovely memories

Mon, 06/08/2020 - 23:26 -- Baya

i look back on the times

when i first told you 

that i had, and still have

feelings for you

i was so goddamn happy when you said that 

you liked me too, and i think you still do

i remember when you wanted to ask me something

i asked you what you were going to ask

when i got home because you hadn't asked me that

thing you wanted to ask

you responded and told me

that you were too nervous to ask me to be your valentine

i wasn't upset, but happy

because you were nervous to ask me

i remember when we first held hands

under the table so that no one could see 

because if anyone saw they'd bother us about it

we kept it our secret, just between you and i

i remember when i told you that

i'd be there for you no matter what

i love the way you always made me laugh

or even made a face just to get me to smile

i remember that first time 

when we opened up to each other

trusting each other with the others secret

and just the other day

when you told me that you were sorry 

because you were worried that you messed up

and i told you that you've done nothing wrong,

nothing at all

i told you that i just want you to be okay,

and i mean that, and you know i meant it

you told me that my support meant the world to you

my precious darling,

it's because i'm in love with you

it's because i love you 

and when someone loves another person

they also care about that person...

a lot.

and they'll wait, for an eternity if they have to

they'll be patient

and gentle

they'll be kind

their arms will always be open 

for that one very special person whom they love

they'll do anything for that one person

and i'm that person who loves you so much,

you're my one very special person,


and right now, all i have

of  us,

is our lovely memories.



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