That Lovely Day

Reminiscing on how we met

Here I lay

In the sand watching you by the shore

In that place that makes you happy

You, where your mind is at ease

You, where time seems to freeze

Your eyes summoning me to the realization

Now, you are staring at me

Challenged Accepted.!!!

To my feet, I rise

With a fist full of sand

I through it towards you&

A glorious hit it is

There, I take off


With the salty ocean air roaring at my face

Down through the sand I go

My smile turning into laughter

At the feel of being caught

In your arms

At the feel of your arms clasping around my waist

Us, madly tumbling in the sand

We roll

And roll until my fight is through

But even so- precautions

With gentle firmness

There you have me pinned down

At your mercy

Your fingers entwined with mine


Your body weight on me

No escape for me

As laughter roared between the two of us

The sun slowly dances behind of the edge of the sky

Where it kiss the earth

Then there was seriousness about you

It was plainly written across your face

So my laughter died

Softness, merely soft

Now I stare into those beautiful-

Make me drop everything& lose myself-

Kind of eyes

Was this it???

I close my eyes after seeing your jaw flinch

---No Kiss

----Yes Kiss

The thoughts blazing through my mind

But surely did you-

Your lips melted me

Your taste, sweet& extraordinary

Gentle are those hand, of a man


Your hands that caress my body

Wanting this feel for a lifetime

As I get lost deeper& deeper into our embrace

My heart beats violently at its own pace

Regretfully I pull away

When I caught myself

Recollected myself with thoroughly thinking my words through

I decided I’m not afraid

Not afraid of love

Not afraid of rejection

Because of that man upstairs

My God

Because he watches over me

He is with me

And I feel you were made in his image

Just for me

So I let the words roll

As I watch you

You watch me

“When you want something you’ve never had before

You have to do something you never done-

So I proudly lay here and say

Bae, this could be our last first kiss

--but then again, with you everything feels so new

You make me speechless

& I adore you

Put a smile on my face

Bae, true love never gets old

I loved you yesterday& as well as today

I always have bae

&always will”



Now I lay here on our bed

Smiling, playing with your hands

Hands I wanted to hold forever

Hands that belong to the most wonderful man

Any woman would surely treasure

& to bear his last name so proudly


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