A lovely Christmas day

day and night

would she

might wait

longing to read

for something

to be written about her


by the times

hitting halves of one

he called her back

but she cut

and called

him back


she never

did forget him

in any circumstances

nor did he

for it would

break their

tender hearts


Merry Christmas

were the first

words she

ever uttered


he asked

what did happen to

her voice

she replied

she was

visited by

frozen hands



his dear

get cold

for the weather

was such

he wished

to hold

her hands

and melt

her chill


he wished

her to get

well soon


for ten seconds

and two minutes

did it all remain

until the voice

of hers vanished


no regrets for

what else more

could they ever

talk for they are

separated by

distances too long

and by meetings

maybe no more


reading this

she would

get a refreshed

mind and only

a few words

to say as



he wishes

his sweet

heart as

how honey

would be


to get well soon

reading this

she would

want to

let those


from her


to fly


it may

also be

a sweet

pill sweeter

than those

bitter pills

to be consumed


the optic nerves

sends waves

to the cells in brain

which in turn

the cells

would send in

signals for

her heart

to beat fast



he wishes

the best

for her

and for

her to

recover soon.




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