Loved and Accepted

We are all loved and we are all accepted

I saw these words with my eyes but my heart was still rejected

We are all loved and we are all accepted

My mind was fully engaged but my heart was not connected

We are all loved and we are all accepted

I flipped the page but my thoughts were still arrested

Accepted. Rejected. Connected. Arrested. 

To be connected to a word accepted, by a thought arrested, and a life rejected


My thoughts left the page and took flight

New heights they did find

New depths remind

You see, we live in a world that claims peace in exterior but neglects the interior

Wearier. Wearier. 

We fain clothe ourselves in good words and glad tidings but inwardly we are conniving, unabiding

When will we see a change?

When will our world rearrange?

It's plain.

I can be all loved and all accepted yet feel rejected because my heart is unaffected

Inspect this.

I want change but I only want it for someone else?

I cry for the world to rearrange but I won't start with myself?

Inner wealth.

The knowledge that makes me better, the revealing of things that increases my inner bank account forever

And that is where I'll start

Far into the depths, deep into my heart

For when I start with me, I do see change

When I target my heart, the world will rearrange

And we will all be loved and we will all be accepted

Because true love begins in your heart and then everything else is affected

A life reconnected.




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