love your body

You look at me and say "I want that'

I look at you and say "I want that"

But why can't we look in the mirror and say "I like that?"


Instead of saying I wouldn't mind a little less

Or I wouldn't mind a little more

Shouldn't we be saying we wouldn't mind staying just as we are?


To be healthy should be the only goal

That is the best way to look and feel beautiful

No more purging, starving, binging, going to extremes to meet the visions of society.


What the media portrtays is not real

What others say is only guided by insecurities and/or jealousy

Find your voice and be who you want to be.


I say no more

You say once more

I'm shutting that door.


My body is mine to be loved and respected

Your body is yours, do not be ashamed

They are gifts to be taken care of not damaged past repair.


Acceptance is key along with a little confidence

So I'll tell you this if you haven't heard it before

You are beautiful just the way you are.



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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