Love You Like The Sky

If I should try to love you I would love you like the sky.
I’d be patient through our trials, calm like clouds that drift on by.
There would be days that just like rain water would drip and fall,
but we’d have laughs just like the stars - too many to count them all.
And just like sunsets we’d be pink, our faces in a blush
after little pecks that like the wind would be gentle to the touch.
At times no doubt a lightning bolt may strike across our sight
but we’d still find beauty through the storm, wonder in the light.
Let’s not forget those sunny days when the sky’s a powder blue,
the sun as bright as our smiles on days when it’s just us two.
Then there are days where light will bend and colors fill the air
and we’d think on rainbow’d words - things we’ve said or never dared.
Azure or pewter, either or, I would love you night or day.
My love like sky drapes infinite, from the ground to where angels lay.


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