Love You Most

I miss you like crazy

Like the way that I loved you



But you went and let me go

I hope that you’re okay

And you’re not beating yourself up

I love you way too much

Do you know that you’re enough?

You were good for me

I was good for you

But you ran away

Look what fear did to you

You lost something great

Because you tried to escape

But one person can’t just win

This game for two we’re in

I hope that you go out

And your roommates don’t let you pout

Your smile is the greatest treat

For every person that you meet

It melts my heart when you laugh

I love it so much but then you left

Was it fear that made you run

And decided that you were done?

Because I’ll love you forever

Through every endeavor

You didn’t ask me if I agreed

You just decided that you should leave

And now I’m left to grieve

This relationship that was a sprouting seed

You dug it from the ground

And threw it; never to be found

But I think I might have got it

I just need to put it in my pocket

Then show it to you when you’re ready

Because to me, you are plenty

I love your ups and your downs

I love your squares and your rounds

I love your highs and your lows

I love your ears and your toes

I love the way you breath at night

I love when you would grab me tight

I love when you kissed my head

I wished that you would do it again

I love to help you with your work

I love it when you do that smirk

I love it when you close your eyes

Because you hate that last goodbye

But I guess what I will miss the most

Is when you said you’d love me most.


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