Love through heartbreak.

Life is such a mystery I just want to find my place, misery loves company, my happiness still awaits, i shall not dwell on the hardships of my past because whats over is done, i just hope to see another day like an innocent victim in front of a gun, see life is precious and everything in it, i always wondered why women were so hard to get, but i think i get it, life is not easy we all have our own separate  problems to deal with, i just wanna let you know  I'm the type of guy you can finally be real with, see love is love, and i love the thought of having it, but my heart is  in 2 because of girl who damaged it, I've always liked a women petite with small feet, i remember we  use to be close enough to listen each others  heartbeat, then you moved on talked about your new boyfriend and i wasn't really trying to hear that,  i was holding on by a thread, just struggling to keep my tears back, i meant it when i told you, you said i was too late, i just thought you'd change your mind because all i was doing was showing you real faith, people have often asked the question Isaac why are you quiet? if you were to go through what I've gone through, you'd rather be private. 

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