Love is as strong as death


For love is as strong as death

So did you ever really love?

Was tenderness your hearts concern?

What I see plainly says you forgot

Maybe those wedding vows are stored away somewhere

In an old dust covered, faded chest

Maybe they're even sealed

If they had power they would certainly be unwrapped now

Consuming the rage of a lifelong struggle

And awakening from their long slumber

Would you tell me where they're hidden?

What secret place silences their voice?

So I could find for you the vows recited when you were too young to care

But the chest that conceals them has fallen between cracks

And where you claim them to be they are not

Darkness surrounds them now

I try

Pushing my hand through each crack

Fingers struggling to grasp

Something, anything

Arms bruised by the thin broken wood floor that cuts through sensitive flesh

Forcing myself deeper I grasp a small handle and pull with all my strength

But it's weightless

Its contents simply not heavy

Are promises to be light?

I find more difficult to pull it pass the cracks

But I tear and yank, twist and pull

Until the small delicate aged chest is in my hands

It's hopeless

The keys have been lost

Never to unlock the treasures of true love

Above me I hear the dreaded sound of voices rising in anger

The wreck has begun

I sit frozen

Nothing to think

Nothing to do

Prayers unsaid

Tears released

And strength undone  

The memories stain

Drop by drop until they cover the blank sheet of my mind

My ease becomes unyielding grief

The peace too short to find rest

I want to give them what they lost

Remind them of the promises they made

Tell them of the relevance of their vows

Open their eyes to see the pain that dwells in mine

But I forget why I should stand

When all they want to do is fight

When all they have done is take up arms

In defense of rights that were never even theirs

My reasons suddenly seem invalid

My case not important enough  

Can I really let them die?

My family... I'll stand even when there is no reason too

My mom... I'll do what you never did

My dad... I'll encourage you to lead

My brother... I'll never leave

My love... I'll never store our vows

My children... I'll always protect you

My God... I'll love you with it all

For love is as strong as death

Love will remain




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