Love Scars

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 22:50 -- G'nova

My love and devotion is overflowing

So I had to bottle my emotions

The ones I'm afraid of showing

Because if the book was open

You bodied me like Hulk Hogan

And there be so much tears that it would create an ocean

For this, I like to be alone

It gives me space to clear out my dome

And roam inside my mind of stone

I spit cold-like Elsa with the flow

So I can appear composed

Even though I got 99 problems and a witch I should let go

Not saying that I'm Jay-Z

But I do know a girl that pretty crazy

And as of lately

I've been giving her some space

Because talking to her feels like such a waste

Every text that I sent is filled with distaste

And she always texts like a year late

Which is why I have to let her know it's over

That pulling this relationship I felt like Atlas with a weight on my shoulders

So when she cries

I hope she realizes

That I'm not a bad guy

In fact, I was the first one to die

Now for this relationship, I have to say goodbye


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed


Thanks :)


Thanks :)


This was very powerful! You are very talented


Thanks ^_^  I'm still trying so it means a lot when someone comments cause that means I'm heading in the semi right path to become a great poet. 


You are definitely on the path to becoming a great poet! I will support you along the way.

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