For the Love of Reading

Reading has always been something I love

An activity my mind is very fond of,


I wondered how I could share this passion

My Gold Award Project was the thing that I fashioned.


In the hot, summer sun, I held book drive

When I reached 300 books, I had finally arrived.


I thought, now what to do with all these books?

In a classroom, I’ll put a reading nook!


These books were given to an elementary school

To help youngsters learn that reading is cool.


The nook was a bench, a sign and bookshelf,

When I finished, I was quite proud of myself.


Last step of project: make it sustainable

I knew this final part was attainable.


High schoolers now volunteer to help read,

Using the books, the children would succeed.


Two local newspapers wrote stories about this

I said my project was truly my bliss.


So now the project is in full motion;

Eight months of work was the secret potion


Every week, students improve their skills

Books are their new friends, I felt fulfilled.


It confirmed my love for the written word

My occupation goals are now less blurred:


Become an author of books that are worthy

Or help other writers if theirs are too wordy


Through this project, I came to realize

I really enjoy helping children arise


I saw their reading improve each day

And felt a happiness that didn’t go away.


Reading is a helpful, wonderful thing

It will make your brain smarter, it will make your heart sing


So here is a question I hope you don’t dread

When was the last time you sat down and read?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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