With Love, The Puppet Master

I wear leather jackets like armor.

I despise other people’s opinions, especially if they’re “wrong.”

I’m my parent’s dream child, but nightmares are dreams too.

I am a revolutionary and a conservative.

I love change but I fear the slight shift of anything out of the ordinary.

I love commitment but not to anything important.

I love being right but treasure my mistakes more than my triumphs.

I hate the thought of trying to define myself as anything but stereotype myself.

I love everyone but never enough for anyone.

I don’t talk about myself anywhere besides my writing.

I portray confidence but I am anything besides confident.

I will continue to be terrified of the future even though it’ll be better than the past.


I know who they think me to be.


I had an imaginary friend named Elizabeth.

I thought my fish had taken a vacation.

I played pirates with my brother.

I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen.

I was afraid of my neighbor’s goats.

I stayed up late reading.

I shared a room with my little sister.

I didn’t have a best friend.

I wanted to be like my brother.

I knew the value of sleeping in.

I hated Sesame Street.

I wasn’t interested in superheroes.


I know who I was.


I take no creamer in my coffee.

I don’t sharpen my skates before a game.

I hang my t-shirts in a closet.

I don’t like carrying a number two pencil on my person.

I like tea more than coffee.

I don’t wash the paint off my hands.

I have more than one thousand songs on my phone.

I don’t often make conversation.

I want to make movies.

I don’t have a clean room.

I adore my dog.

I don’t often talk about myself.


I know who decide to be


I started hockey age four.

I had a dog named Sierra now a dog named Katja.

I have three siblings.

I can’t choose a best friend.

I gave a speech in seventh grade.

I went to a concert when I was eight.

I moved in fourth grade.

I watched Disney constantly.

I had a box of crayons.

I got a job age sixteen.

I had play makeup.

I have a guitar I can't play.


I know what made me.


I am not a rockstar.

I am not a genius.

I am not perfect.

I am not a rebel.

I am not steady.

I am not concrete.

I am not the champion.

I am not a title.

I am not a lover.

I am not a poet.

I am not a wallflower.

I am not afraid.


I know who I am.

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