Love or War

A prince ran away,

Away from the rules,

Away from the confinement,

Away from the control of others.


He ran away to seek individuality

To find himself and 

Not the person others tell him he will be.


He ran and ran 

Until he found a small village

A village so poor;

The people in rags,

The buildings so small, 

Yet the village was alive.


The people smiled and danced.

They rejoiced for what they had

Not for the things they did not. 

The people celebrated the lives of each other

With spirits so vibrant.


The prince hid who he was. 

He pretended to be someone else.

He was a commoner in his own realm


The prince met the people.

The people that are strong

in the midst of rubble.

The people who think optimistically

in the face of doubt.

He learned who his people are.


He learned what it is to be alive

He learned what it means to be happy

He learned to smile and dance. 


The prince ran again.

Ran away to a new village.

A village opposite of the last.


The village was rich and beautiful. 

Gorgeous towers and alluring art.

The people in beautiful garbs.

Though the people were greedy.

Greedy for more power.

Greedy for more beautiful objects. 


The prince saw evil in himself

Evil in his people

Evil in everyone.

He saw that the people are different

than their outside facade.


The prince felt defeated.

Felt that his life is a lie.

So he ran away again.

Though this time he ran home.

He ran fast back to his home.


He spoke of the people

of the small village.

The optimistic and kind.

He spoke of the people

of the beautiful village.

The greedy and the cruel.


He spoke of the changes.

The changes to help those in need.

To create a realm

for the people to have the beauty

But to have happiness and kindness.

The prince wanted it all.


The prince wanted to change it all.

To change the world into a wonderful place.

But as he was gone; he was replaced.

The kingdom put the cruelest man in charge.
A man who does not care of the rich or the poor

The beautiful or the ugly.

He cared that he got power.

That he was always winning.


The prince wanted a realm of peace and joy.

A realm that allowed everyone equal opportunity.

But the man cause war between everyone. 

He caused for hate to be in everyone’s heart.

He caused for the realm to fall. 



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This poem is about: 
My country


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