To Love or Not To Love

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 12:39 -- sowen77

To love to not to love, that is the question:

Whether company will make the pain less

And stand by my side when times are trying

Or perhaps to stand alone against demons,

And by opposing, end them. To love- to live

No more; to love another is to end all

The heartache that rests in disaster

Will bring tears to mine eyes, but yet

Alone is to survive. To love- to live

To live- perchance to prosper; ay, there’s the rub!

For in the chance to live what wonders may come

When we hold tight to this mortal coil,

the one that binds us dear. There’s the respect

the makes the fight worth fighting on.

For who would rather give in complacency

than be able to stand tall and fortified against all.

The pangs of tempted love are none more

than temptations baited in front of thine eyes

with patient merit makes a worthy plight.

When he himself fails weak at the very prospect

Who would follow you should you follow another?

Who would respect you when you long

To be elsewhere? A somewhere else with simple

and easy living. When unrestrained you may

Just travel the undiscovered country. With out fear

of not returning you may explore with

Weightless shoulders. To fly where we know not.

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,

and useless entanglements do hinder all pursuits.

We all are stuck down by another’s beating heart,

Longing us to beat in time with them.

With this regard we are fragile, we fall prey to

any man with ill desires—



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