Love is often experienced, but

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:04 -- Dashaee

Love is often experienced, but never comprehended.

We think we know what it is when it happens, but little do we know, love has more than one face

Love can be nice, helpful, happy

But it can also be frustrating, ungrateful, and childish

One minute love showers you with affection and attention

Then the next its ignorance and distance

Its a cold world and love is often given off as a blanket

It's an escape goat

A dream, hallucination

It's a thought that you feed into with your mind

You try so hard to make things reality

But in the real world, you only create an image

The image is copied and not original

You realize what is happening and then you disown love

You despise and hate it

But are you just hating it for what it truly is?

Are you becoming a hypocrite?

Claiming to love Love for what it is and then turning on it when you see its true colors

Is love perceived as an action, adverb, adjective, noun?

Love is love. 

It cannot be described as any other one word.

It is a phrase

It is an unfinished statement

The most you can do with Love is manipulate it and use it to make you happy and not it

 Become the supplier and not the junkee. 

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