to love but not

ur mind wont be around me.

Ur breath will cease to be.

Around my lips Where my hands are


How can you question2 souls holding hands

Your skin turns inTo oxygen

I need this fireFor burning lungsAre aliveWith fear

 And living things can sleep at night

Tears are just a salty bath

I gladly takeTo ease your wrath

Touch my cheek and my smiles Or screams in agony I will adore

Because it means Im something more

With my soulTo my mindTreating me with Something kind

I am enough to be with youTo let you inTo let you use

Nothing to lose I never had

How can somethingEver be bad

From what I see

You have had ur way with keeping me

But something keeps uFrom being free

Is it herIs it meIs there truly never someone We can be

Something everything or nothing in return

I just want something to feel to scream and to burn

The loneliness is so cold

Empty I feel so old

Turn And the memories just pass away

And leave a haunting fear

Of where I kno I may lay.

What is it I can say

Is there something I can pray

To make you save me

From that day

Just be with me in a dying restless eternity 

Let me understand

That anything real

Can still happen

between a women and a man

U never chased me so I never ran.

Please be the one

To keep me here

To keep me loving

To ease the steady pain and the constant fear

Your sins cleanse me in understanding

Your dreams take me to landing

Ground me in your hope

Collect me some solitude in your eyes

Take me away from here

Even to the firey skies

Anywhere but here

Anything but tiring Trudging along a desert road alone

And shivering

Ur desire warms my heart

Your fingers chill my spine

Just touch me let me kno u are trying to find

my sanity

My reality is so damaged and torn apart

Sow it together and make me a new start.

Sorrow to beauty from imperfect art

romance to love and this is only the start



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