To The love of my life

This woman in my life Has Captured My Heart From the Ways She Presents herself throughout The Fine Population in the morning Gaze she is the center of all to look upto This Angel Knows No Malice To bring upon other Thus this Beautiful angel, Cast her Rays Of Hope On those in her light Even The Guy in utter Darkness lost without Hope nor. Willpower to one Soul this Beauty shines above the rest Casting her love upon the man before her in this Very Warmth of Her Light To Him,She's a guiding wilow-wisp Through the Endless Hollowed Forest of Despair thus this Angel clad in white full of Love And warmth To love This man for everything he is Not Shedding such Tears of joy Like The new world Has opened up. To him with in each Moment with Her the passage of time Feels like it's halting even for a second To witness and Bath in her endless love to her this man is the most precious soul to holf and Protect to Fill with Never-ending Love , to be reunited in her arms is this mans only wish that the passage of life would pause even for a second That feels like days To bask in her loving
warmth for eternity.

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