For the Love of My Life

You’ve always been there.

From the day I met you my breath was taken away.

You became my drug:

My heart races when I am with you.

My eyes water just the slightest bit.

My skin delicately shivers at your embrace.

I’m addicted to you -

you swim through my head every day.

You make me feel alive.


You were here when I realized I was so much more -

more than just a little brown girl,

more than a first-generation child of immigrants,

more than merely a monotone machine,

which (frankly) was starting to run out of power.

Through life’s beatings and brutality

you were the only one to enclose me.

You were here when I grew past the lies,

the stereotypes,

the idea of being “perfect”.

I gave up on the idea of perfection, but you’re perfect for me.


Wish I was saying this to a person,

A person who actually cared about me and loved me,

Rather than to the song playing through my headphones this very moment.


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