The Love for a Mister

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 18:36 -- mcd1230


Deep in the halls of Piedmont high,

there is this person, oh this captivating guy.

We usually always pass one another in the halls,

but I never talk to him and I always just stall.


Let me tell you that he’s so fine, a real dime plus ninety nine

and my, oh my, do I want him to be mine.

The only dilemma is that he’s a few years older,

but when he looks at me his eyes just smolder.

It’s not like I am a baby, but I mean

it might be illegal since I’m not eighteen…


I can tell that he likes me too,

and I’m honestly not sure what to do.

We aren’t meant to be together, that’s for sure,

but I can’t hide how he puts my emotions in a blur.

The way he talks always puts me in a trance.

He consumes my thoughts with his passionate stance.


He has the best beard that can make me swoon.

Oh how I wish to kiss him soon.

We constantly make eye contact in class,

and he always ignores the girls who have too much sass.

However, he always pays attention to me

as in a way to show he wants me through a plea.


Even when we aren’t in class I always see him passing by

and he always looks my way so sly.

I adore his raspy voice

and I can only focus on him when he’s talking, I honestly have no choice.

He’s so smart and I just love it.

Oh, how he comes back at other’s with his charming wit.


These feelings were honestly eating away at my soul.

I had to come clean, it was haunting me like a ghoul!

I knew that it would be a sin to be together,

but I didn't care because I knew we would last forever!


So I finally came clean and told my mystery man these feelings

while fully aware that these emotions were complicated dealings.

He told me that this could never happen and to leave him alone,

I felt like I was a useless, disconnected phone.

He looked at me if he had just seen the grim reaper.

Turns out it doesn't go well telling these feelings to your teacher.

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