Love Memories

Alone in the sand, walking together

Gazing at the horizon

And into your sapphire eyes

Our hands clasped

And intertwined

Not to be shy, our memories won’t die


Into your arms

Feeling your heartbeat

You hold me soft

As a virtuoso on a piano, it’s heaven

Smelling your breath frankincense

Ah! Hold me till the oceans become vapor


“Darling, the sun is giving me light,

In the color of Love

Just to see you”

“My Love, look at our pink fluffy bed

Created in the sky, Just for you and me”


Suddenly, you grabbed me tight

Your red lips are closer to mine

Now, your lips in mine and mine in yours

Tasting as honey, Soft as a rose petal

While listening to the waves,

Who is watching us and singing

Our Love Story…….




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