Love Me

I have quite a few questions for you
I've been wanting an answer for years
Of course I can't really ask you
I don't know where you are

My adopted parents told us that you tried your best
You tried your best to take care of us
To love us
To give us what we needed

But they also told us what you did to me
What you did to my sister
After hearing about it
You can understand why I don't think you tried your best

Why did you do these things to us?
A mother should be home taking care of her children
Not going to late night parties
Or burning their kids with cigarrettes

Why didn't you try harder?
The things you did didn't show love
They didn't show protection either
They showed carelessness

Why didn't you care?
If you did I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital
I wouldn't have almost died
We wouldn't have ended up in a foster home

Why didn't you take care of me when I was sick?
Why didn't you stop those men from touching my sister?
Why didn't you pay more attention to what was going on?
Why did you hurt small, defensless children?

You traumatized me
Did you know that?
I had such bad dreams I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming
I ended up having to go to therapy because of what you did

Were you ashamed of us?
Were you embarrassed?
Just please tell me
What did we do wrong?

Why don't you want us?
Why don't you love me?

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My family
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