Love is Love


United States

From an early age, the expectations are set.

We will grow up, get married.

Have children of our own.

But what of those of us

who find we want something else?

Those who find their happiness in another women's touch.

After all, we were always told to be ourselves.

And yet still, unknowingly, people take back their words.

I remember back when I was a young child.

Watching television with my Mother.

The scenes where a boy and girl would kiss,

Mother paid no mind

But watching as two women stood close, leaning in,

Mother always cringed before covering my eyes

I never really understood what was wrong. 

What's the difference, really?

Just because they aren't what's expected

you're gonna hate on someone.

Every one of us is human.

With feelings, with emotions.

We've a heart and a soul.

So what's so wrong about that.

We don't tell you not to love your boyfriend

because he's got ugly hair.

Or because he stutters when he talks.

So why tell us not to find 

comfort in a girlfriend's arms?

Just because she's one of us?

Love is love.

No matter what this screwed up 

society wants to believe.

And love is true.

I cannot be true to myself

if I am to love only those deemed

'good enough' by you

And why are these people 'good enough' again?

Just because they are 'straight'? 

Well I'm sorry to dissappoint you.

That's not who I am.

Love is love.

But go ahead, say what you will.






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