The Love of Literature

Poems, books, words, and quotes you are the love that I have found in literature.


The words that form a poem I could listen to and get lost in for hours as I am finally able to see that persons soul, what they were feeling at the point in time, how their mind works and what has been troubling them for so long.


Books of all kinds your like my own personal movie only I can see. As you bring me into this amazing world of romance, magic, and fantasy. You breathe life into charectors I can connect with and when they are going through trials I feel for them because I can relate to a lot of their pain.


So much beauty can come from wors written or spoken, can melt the coldest of hearts, warm your soul, and make you see a brighter future when all hope seems lost. So in my opnion they are the best wepon anyway can have at their disposal.


Words can make a person feel powerful when they have been beaten down. Words draw people to a just cause and unify them to take action agasint wrong doings. Words you bring aboput peace and diplomacy, and for that your fucking amazing and I am in love with that.


Quotes you have helped me get through some tuff times with all the inspiration and drive you excude. Because when a person runs into a problem, they can go back and look for a qoute that might relate to their discontent and help them along their path. So how could anyone not fall in love with this form of art that breathes so much life into this dead world.


So poems, books, words, and quotes you are the love that I have found in literature.

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