To: Love (Letter #1)

Dear Love,


Why do you make it so hard for someone to feel you?Why do you even exist? You are the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone.You make people feel like their on top of the world, you allow them to get their hopes up just so you can later take it away.The worst part about you is the fact that even though you hurt everyone, anyone would be willing to give everything up just to have you.You’re worse than any pain a person could feel, you take everything away when we’re at our happiest.The worst thing you ever did to me, allowed me to believe in you because like an idiot I fought for you and I stood by you just so in the end you could break my heart.I wish I couldn’t feel you because that way I couldn’t get hurt, I wish I hadn’t felt you because then my heart wouldn’t have gotten broken so many times.I swear sometimes I feel like you have something against me but I have done nothing to you and still I get nothing good in return.I’m not asking you to give me love, I’m asking you to leave me alone.Why won’t you just let me be happy by myself, I don’t want to feel anymore.It’s like every time I let you in all you do kill me so do me a favor and stay away, just take away my love once and for all.It hurts you know when people fall in love they expect the best but you always end up taking something from them.You will kill their loved ones, you’ll break their hearts, the things you do I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.You should know the worst thing about you is that …..I can’t hate you o matter how hard I try.It’s funny, no matter how much you hurt me I still long for you because everybody wants to love somebody and no one wants to end up alone.THESE ARE MY LAST WORDS, THE ONLY WORDS I WILL EVER SAY TO YOU BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY I’LL STILL END UP WANTING TO BELIEVE IN YOU.UNTIL NEXT TIME, xoxo.


-A Broken Hearted Person

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