Love Jones


United States
39° 21' 41.1588" N, 76° 35' 21.3972" W

That thang will have you feeling like you on top of the world
Or like the last nigga who hit rock bottom
Its the beautiful enslavement we all seem to get caught by in one way or the other
With the lack of oppression for those who are fortunate.
That thang will make ya laugh, it’ll make ya cry
Enjoy the irony if it ever happens at the same time
Starts in your subconscious & slowly makes it to your heart
& by time you catch up with it, its too far gone
I mean the shit will have you waking up singing songs
Or help you write a warning for the masses explaining the possibilities of it going wrong.
Imagine the outlook of a person who never thrived to be in it
But once love wets your feet why not dive in.
That thang!! Will exude all sanity if you let it & relax you at the slightest moment
Gives off an exuberant glow on any face
But even this can change from ultraviolet to gray.
So many question why or when, that’s where the humor comes in, even the man with the highest IQ couldn’t map out this equation
Like Eddie said ‘love…it is what it is, it aint meant to be understood’.


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