Love As It Treats Us

I think the first time I noticed that love tears us apart

Was when I finally experienced it first hand

It can be a beautiful thing with all those newborn feelings and fluttering stomachs

Love will take you by the hand and walk you down a path of poisonous flowers

Hoping you’ll inhale it enough that you’ll go blind

That’s how it starts

The beauty is almost too much to resist most of the time

And you tend to forget that at any time

It could choose to drop you and let you burn

The phrases that taste sweet when we breathe them out

Become a little sour taste in our mouths

The flutter in our stomachs that made everything exciting

Becomes a constant pain for we have let it turn into more than a stir

Love will be steel knife in your very windpipe

And that’s not even the worst part


You can say the worst part is when the phrases are dull

The distance doesn’t exist but you feel oceans away

The dust all of the sudden settles

And it kills you because you don’t feel the same

You fight to look for the sincerity in your voice

Especially when you’re saying those three words that can make anyone fall into a trance

It could completely demolish every sense in your body

But you’d let it

You’d welcome love with open arms

And then later you find yourself breaking your teeth on bottles and kissing cigarettes

Hoping that this actual poison will wash out the one injected into you before


The absence of the high from the glory of those moments

Breaks you even more than any fall

You want that high more than anything

You crave it with unspeakable passion and pain

Even after love threw you across the room and screamed in your face

“This was all for the hell of it”

You’re plunged into this deep sea of broken promises and empty words

Instead of thunder, you hear your heart breaking

Instead of heat, you feel the empty cold

Instead life, you see life without him


You have let love become your biggest addiction my darling

And now you have experienced

Love as it treats us

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