Love Hurts

Hands clamped, fingers warm, beautiful sky 

You know you're beautiful, he says, I love you, he says 

Dinner dates, lovely scenery, beautiful clothing

You shouldn't wear so much makeup he says, you don't need it

Going to movies chosen by him, its an hour drive for me and a fifteen one for him

You sit through horror movie after horror movie for him, cause he loves you

Moving houses today, he says you'll be able to be with each other always now

Big step, you have no family or friends in this city, but it's fine because it's for love

You have to find a job, most fields you find are male dominated enviorments 

He says he loves you too much to see you surrounded by so many men everyday, look elsewhere

You just got a job, he just lost his, but you can support the both of you for now 

It has been a month now, he still doesn't work, and he never seems to be home or have his phone on him 

The boy comes home late nowandays, says he was with friends, friends say he wasn't, but you need to trust he loves you

He has began to bring a lot of money home, but you can't ask from where

You have enough money now, but nothing of much else, where is your love,

He sometimes doesn't come home for days now, but some cops dropped by recently

A couple of days have come and gone, and you see him crawl through the window one night and hide something in the sofa

Drugs, he sells drugs, but what can you do to stop him?

I love you baby, I'm doing this for you baby is all you hear now from him

You can't take it anymore, so you take your bags and head to the door

you grab your stuff; he grabs his

With a strong grip on your arm, he says that he's all I got, and that I need to stay

You pull hard; he pulls harder, so you hit the floor and see the sky falling and stars in the air

Bitch, he now says, I'm the only one who'll ever love you, he yells

You cry, he picks you up slowly and brushes your hair through his hands softly

Come here baby. look I'm sorry. You know I love you. He says it all.

You're being held in his arms. He loves you, he loves you, he loves you... is what you hear 

You fear him , is what you feel



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