Love in Heaven

There you're my Romeo, finally here
So, away I let my last pearl of tear
In the coffin we held our hands staying near
For my love, death is not to be fear
Eh my love, isn't this place dear?

A Capulet and a Montague, it was our fate
With swords our families shared their hate
But you and me dreamed of a love date
The poison was a heal, what I ate
Finally, God brought us here, we aren't late

A lover you were, between the fight
So your heart love with filled was light
You glanced at the balcony to see me at night
"Juliet is the sun" said your sight
We both are now here, with an angel flight

I danced with you, wearing a ball gown
Into your love, you see, I drown
Towards our love, I saw my father frown
We left the feudal who wore the crown
Cannot they still understand love, see the earth down

In front of Christ, as husband and wife we flourished
Oft, they thought our love isn't distinguished
So, from Verona were you banished
Time passed, but our love never vanished
Here, in heaven, Romeo and Juliet isn't finished


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