Love is Harsh


My life has not been easy.

But that never has brought me down

Whe never they said that I couldn’t do it.I proved them wrong.

Working hard never letting go...

I was shunned, envied and hated. I was always misunderstood.

Hence of course in the process I decided to turn cold hearted in nature,

to escape the inevitable truth that I wanted acceptance,

I also cowardly did not and would not want to feel hurt, so I cast aside my feelings.

But that didn’t stop me. I would prove my worth.Helping others no matter what.

I would let them see who I really was...Then the years progressed.

And There were some that believed in me.It made me happy.

That something I had achived. I was no longer alone.

I then felt like I could be warm hearted again, with an honest smile,

but alas I didn't want to risk feeling hurt.

Then there was one who asked me if i wanted to be friends.

I said there is nothing to cherish if we do.

He then said "people who cognize life that way,

blind themselves from seeing the things they can actually cherish".

Then as time passed by... I grew fond of him and he to me.

We found ourselves in a blissful relationship where we felt at ease.

Unfortunately he had a dreaded disease,

he would perish from my life at any given moment,

I found myself in tears but he told me not to worry.

Yet in distress I asked him "how can you treat life like its so wonderful,

yet it treats you like you're  nothing!".

He then said "do you pity me?".

That's not the case...

I like you and want you to stay...he smiled and was gone forever.

That is why I remain cold hearted to escape this agony.


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