Love, Happiness, Freedom


Everyone thinks their love is special

But what makes love special?

Isn’t love special in itself?

So how can one say their love is special?


Such a strange word

No one really knows what it is or means

Yet, everyone yearns for it

But aren’t the things we want most unattainable

Love,happiness, freedom

Can one really be in love?

Is anyone actually happy?

Doesn’t your past keep you chained, so you’re never really free?

everyone says:

love is unattainable, unless with the right person

Happiness comes with contentment

Freedom happens once the truth sets you free

So you may attain these things,

Only if you believe you have

No one can tell you otherwise

You, yourself have to make the decision

People say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

If your love is special

Then so be it

Because only you can decide

If it is true love at all

This poem is about: 



though the guidline said to pick one topic to write about I felt as though these things went together in harmony 

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