Love Experience


United States


I put my loose piece of hair behind my ear.

My face turning pink from shyness. That is 

what the guy on the otherside of the room

was waiting for. He comes and stands on the 

side of me. He wispers something into my ear, 

I turn to look into his eyes. He holds out his 

hand. I hesitate to put my hand in his. I finally

decide to try. He pulls me close, and wraps his 

arms around me. Then that was the first time I

knew that I was in love, by the way he kissed me, 

soft, but feirce at the same time. Both hunger

for more. Finally we break apartIm still in his arms, 

I lay my head on his shoulder. He brushes my hair

with his hand.

That is when I knew I found what I was looking for. 

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