Is Love Enough?

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 16:53 -- mWheel

Is love enough

Love cannot stop a man from moving

It cannot change a person, place or thing

Love cannot build a ladder for escape

It cannot kiss away my broken brain


Love is merely a chance, if that 

It favors the rich and merry

Love is merely a hormone, in reality

It provides a distraction for the empty


Love is nothing 

But a game you pay to play

Love is anything

But seeing the world in color,

rather than shades of muddied grays 

Love is everything

From dead hopes to washed up remains

Love is a lie

Promising the world,

while wrapped in timeworn chains


Love cannot save a man from death

It cannot gift you any strength

Love cannot change your feelings of pain

It cannot stop the bleeding from your veins


You think love is enough 

You think it can protect and hold

You believe we can overcome the truth

But love is merely coal painted gold


You think love is more

You trust the whispers told behind masks

You believe it can open every door

But love is merely a drunkard's flask


Let me tell you a secret

A secret hidden in plain sight

Love is a fairytale story

Your knight in shining armor

are your fears clad in white

Let me tell you a secret

A secret you will refuse to hear

Love is not enough

It won't make your tears disappear.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Sounds like you have had a negative experience with love?


Haven’t we all? Despite the negative connotation this poem reads out, it wasn’t written to discourage finding love and being loved etc. I wrote it in response to the people who believe being loved is the only way out and the thing that will save them from whatever it may be. Love isn’t something meant to be glorified to a point of fantasy. It’s a real feeling that only works best when you learn to love yourself and find happiness in your own. 

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