Love is Bittersweet


I can't believe I fell for such a blackened heart,

you meant everything and I did anything just to be with you,

and I dont do that with anyone!!! but you make me cling on to you unwillingly...

yet in return you never look my way,

and you smile taking me for granted knowing I will come back... I even try...

no I force myself to like other guys to send your bittersweet memory away,

in the shadows,but of course shadows follow, I wish I never Met you, f

or I would be happier today not liking you,

I want to desperately hate you so you become a non liking to me,

I try to run away from your face and voice but when I do,

I feel as if something is missing, you're like  a drug that I can't stop taking,

I want more and I can't stop craving!!!... I want to leave you its easy to see,

but guess what honey it's not that easy...

so now yes now I'm leaving you forever until it's an eternal promise for I can't take!!! this bittersweet addiction...


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