Love B Gone

You're distant
Looking through a telescope
Love, lust or was it hope
A lie covered in smoke I guess I'll never ever know
the person I met before
Although someone I love to death
Is someone I don't know no mo
Cmon Jay just take a deep breath
 No. I'm going crazy, I'm outta control.
Been smoking daily, pack a bowl
Not going out, chilling alone
Hair growing out, killing time making poems
Suspicion arise everytime that u roam
Texting me now while u giving him dome
Now u wanna kiss me, now u tryna Diss me
If I leave now I bet u won't even miss me
If I had a chance to change the circumstance
Where it can be me and she holding hands
So now it's just me and a hand full of contraband
It's all for you, and u do me like this
I love u too much to call u a bitch
I don't trust you enough to call u a bitch
So your new name goes something like this
Well you not a bitch cuz a bitch mo loyal
You'll never find someone who treats u so royal
What happened to the spark of the coil
Well it's dead bury it in the soil
She loves me she loves me not
You threw a dart bullseye at my heart
You came and shined when it was dark
So now it's dark all the time
My way home is hard to find
Or a place to call home is in my mind

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