Love is Awesome. What is love?

Love is when you finish a task and the first thing you want to do is figure out where she is so you can be with her

Love is when you pull over on the side of the road just to text her "I love you"

Love is when you associate the word "smile" with her smile

It's when you can't be in the same space without touching

It's when you're happy every time you find a strand of her hair on your clothes 

Or a piece of paper on which the handwriting is hers

It's when her brain acts as an extension of yours

And when she thinks of your body as an extension of hers

It's when you have a hard day but it all falls away in her arms, 

Or when you hold her and every time you inhale you can suck out any stress she may feel and every time you exhale you can breathe happiness into her

It's when winter isn't as cold

When it's impossible to get bored 

It's when you fall asleep with her head on your chest

When you know that this is just the beginning and you can't wait for the rest.


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