Love Affair with Emily Dickinson

Love Affair with Emily Dickinson



I keep Nobody under the bed,

a darling creature for my loneliest

nights. When she comes

I hold her like a tender beast.


Her teeth marks are cozy

on my inner thigh. I keep them

warm and close there, a record

of our private love.


She is etched in the glass

of my heart, her honey tongue

a knot in my throat,

her love like a whip.



I liked the the poem. my favorite part was the implication that Emily Dickenson's poems are not always happy and thet sometimes they have bite.


I love the line this poem walks between pleasure and pain.  Or maybe the line it erases?


can you please take a look at some of my work and give some feedback I'm actually really new at poetry I've always loved it but I've really gotten more into it now and feedback with someone of your expertise will make me more than excited:):)

Joey Diaz

Like it continuously.. Thank you..


Love, love Emily Dickinson! Love the length of this piece, in keeping with her simple, pithy style.

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