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Oh love love love,

what does it really mean to love someone?

To take care of, to protect against, to take responsibly.

We as humans, were born to be selfish. 

But when it's for someone you love,

you are willing to catch a grenade for him/her.

Oh love love love,

what does it mean to falling in love with someone?

when you see your lover, you will feel satisfied and energetic.

Human fleshs are wobbly, we have desires and wants,

 we will eventually be tired, we need sleeps, 

but when it's for someone you love,

you can overcome the human flushs' limit.

Oh love love love, 

what can love do?

Love is marvellous. Love is sincere.

You are willing to scarifice anything including one's life

to create a smile in your love's face.

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Be cherish with the ones around you, its not that they must love you because you are you, they choose to love you so don't disappoint them

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