With Love<3


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First off coach I would like to say,
You have made me who I am today.

Without your guidance; or words of wisdom,
I would not look at the world the same.

With love you taught me how to cheer,
and I have continued to grow each and every year.

Every season has different challenges,
But you have taught me how to tackle them.

With love you have faith in us all,
even when a stunt may fall.

I will never forget my freshmen year,
On that blue mat; it was our best year.

Seeing the fans and seeing you proud,
that was the best feeling of them all.

With love you taught me I can do anything I try,
with hard work and spirit high.

This winter will be the best; you wait and see,
when I lead my girls to victory.

I will work my hardest because it’s my last time,
to make a lasting memory; in your mind.

With love you have helped me through rough times,
and always given a hug when you see tears in my eyes.

No matter what people say; you will always be,
the very best cheer coach, for the team and for me.

Through the years I have learned to love,
your amazing daughter and your son.

I’ll always think of you,
with a glad and grateful heart.

You are a special person,
I knew it from the start.

You’ve been by my side the past five years,
we have pushed through the failures and wiped away tears.

You have taught us to be a team,
no matter how crazy the thought may seem.

With love you saw more in me,
than I ever thought I could ever be.

You taught me to always have faith,
and with that thought I am going to states.

I love what I do; its hard but it is fun,
we practice in the winter, and the heat of the sun.

Sometimes we argue; sometimes we are mad,
but honestly your the best coach that I have ever had.

With love I say your one of a kind,
a shooting star, a once in a lifetime.

I love you so much Renee I don’t know what I would do without you. You have changed my life forever, and helped me find my passion and because of that I am forever grateful. You have helped me through some pretty rough times, and this winter I am going to prove my love and dedication, by taking us to BANGOR!


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