Basking in the sun. 
Drafting my thoughts. 
Trial by trial. 
Sketching those memories of him,
those deep brown earthy eyes
The picture of his smile engraved in my mind. 
His laughter,
splattering across the muslin. 
Rough edges,
fixed by the ink of his words 
Sculpting my weak heart back up. The red acrylic thick paint finally dries, 
finally whole enough to put on display. 
This must be surreal
My heart racing faster than the wind against my paper. 
His lips brush my cheek like a brush against a. Canvas
No don't stop. 
The design of my emotions shall continue. 
With each stoke of my brush 
The calligraphy dances in my heart 
Why can't I figure out my muse. Confused am I. 
Break free 
A bright light blinds my thoughts. And clouds of gray disguise the rainbow for another day. 
Joy, happiness, and love of the twittering Birds covered by the roar of rain. 
Love is pain but pain is love. 
If we are able to truly love it will be more than a thousand words in a picture 
Black and white. 
The old love our parents shared. 
Why can't we share what they did. 
Or is it too put on display 
guarded by a thick glass of hate and fear
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