Tue, 10/15/2013 - 14:13 -- Severia


Pain grips my heart and anger tears in, but love comes in, attempting to unhinge their claws, only getting scratched in the process.

Is it worth it? Love tries again and again, coming away even more battered and bruised, but successfully removes a few of the claws.

But too many more remain, and Love is growing weary, for Pain and Anger that tore at my heart now puncture Love, but still Love tries, again and again.

But to see Love try, suffer and try, only makes Anger tighten, squeezing out every last drop of Soul.

I beg Love to stop, to just leave me and fix itself, but Love only brushes away the tears and pulls out another claw.

By this time there are many holes, which fill with Sadness and Rage, Love washes away Rage, and attempts to overpower Sadness, but gets an awful dose instead.

But still, Love tries. It tries and tries and tries.

There are two left now, two and the core, and Death dances behind Love, offering it rest, trying to lead it away, but Love never leaves me, it only pulls out the last of Anger.

 But Fear quickly replaces it, everywhere Anger was, Fear now resides. I see it reflected, and i run and hide.

I hide from Love, I tried.

But what i didn't know was you can't hide from Love, you can't escape Love, it's always there, always with you.

And Love doesn't die, it tries. Suddenly Fear fell away, Pain shattered, Love enveloped my torn and bleeding heart, filled it in, made it whole again,

guarded it with it's unimpenetrable shield.

Love. Love tried. Love succeeded...




Love Overcomes All.


Thank you! Yes it does :) @Landy

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