You put me down you make me frown BUT yet i still love you   You make me mad you make me sad BUT yet i still love you WHY is that no matter what you do to me i still love you is it because i have low self esteem? but then i start to think i don't have low self esteem its not me its you, You are the one who have to put me down just so you can smile i realized that about you But yet i still tell you i love you. i think i loved the old you i think that why im still here but where did the old you go?  why do you feel the need to bring me down is it because you scared to lose me to another man i wonder but if so you are going to lose me Anyways because i don't feel the same zing anymore because you brought me down one two many times I Guess that's What love do to you but if this what love do to you i don't want love anymore i  just want to be free and enjoy my pride that i have left inside the last little bit of pride i hidden from you so you wouldn't take it and kill my beloved pride. my pride is what kept us alive but i guess I'm tired of this self centered relationship that only revolve around you so I'm leaving this love that i have for you in a little box Titled old love because I'm searching for something  new.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Tianna Whyte

i wrote this from my heart about my relationship with this boy my cousin told me a true poet right to there audience from their heart so this is what i felt hope you like it.

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