Love is

Love is not sadness

Love is not being ignored

being rejected

or being belittled

Love is not crying

every night, 

because you don't feel like enough

Love is not constantly wondering

whether they truly love you too

Love is not uncertainty

or anxiety

or tears


Love is patient

Love waits for you to call

before bed

to know you got home safe

Love is care

it asks you how your day was

and wants to hear every part

Love is forgiveness

and knowing that some people have bad days

Love is laughing out loud 

at dumb jokes

and funny faces

Love is giving space

without being insecure

or angry

Love is being busy

but still having time

for each other


Love is not constant insecurity

It is knowing you have

the best thing in the world

with your favorite person

and being happy



This poem is about: 
Our world


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