Love Is

Love is when lust becomes not solely a feeling of attraction,

Not an act of self-satisfaction,

But rather, an act unachievable by anyone else.

When fingertips are no longer human skin,

But rather a delicate touch to revel in,

Filling you with a lovely sensation.

Love is when a kiss becomes a doorway to a bright world

Of wonder and swirling pleasure, raising goosebumps on your skeletal fingertips.

When kisses shut away the mundane of the world around you,

When the noise begins to cease,

And colors of unimaginable pigment dance within your eyes.

When parting lips resembles parting ways from a magnificent wonderland,

Shared only by the fondness you possess.

Love is when dancing with each other in dreams

Leaves you begging from the seams

And yearning for their touch,

A touch no other could accomplish.

When your eyes glow like stars in the night sky,

Sparkling with wordlessly shared secrets that make you smile.

Love is when eyes become windows to a soul you cannot help but stare at,

And secretly adore.

When all the mystery that lays beneath that glittering surface is read,

And somehow, you still are curious.

Love is when miles are insignificant

And oceans are mere obstacles to add to a book of roads crossed.

When their name is engraved into your heart,

The air you breathe,

And the blood coursing through your veins.

Love is what keeps two beautiful souls from tearing apart.

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