I understand not what goes through their minds

The hateful, the wicked the all holy divine

They speak of God's love and say they will pray

if you listen closely they cackle as you walk away

I am sure they feel mighty

atop their bible thrown

but have they once seen inside this lonely home

Have they taken the time to listen

not just to hear

Or is it just a show they put on once a year

This family you speak of, this bond that is so strong

Why is it only there when things are going your way and we play along

I feel that you have knowledge, maybe even some passion and love

but it is not the kind that is needed or provided from above

I think you need to read, absorb and live

not just quote, and dress up and then hand out your digs

For I am a sinner, just as you are

The thing is I know it 

The thing is I show it

I belive in God

I believe he is who he says he is

I believe he does what he says he does

I believe in God

I take my days in moments

I give my love though my pain

I wish you would try this out

I wish you would do the same

You should be here right now

You should be here holding my hand

instead you are busy



rubbing names into the dirt

so take your love back because you love only causes hurt

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world




im mesmerized by this poemmmmm!!!


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