The lost year


Of love learned and lost,

Of nothing more than a broken Hallelujah,

Of pure agony.


They say when you have someone like you,

The world spins around until it stops spinning.

Like life could just take a pause,

Intermission before a grand finale.


They say when someone is like you,

There are no differences.

No way things can be interesting,

No excitement,

No future.


But I thought I found the one,

I thought my life could be as one.

I thought he alone could save me,

From loneliness,

From anguish,

From my own demons,

From myself!


But life is never what it seems.


As the year came and gone,

I cut my hair,

I locked up an essential part of me,

And I threw away the key.


Though we now remain friends,

Because of him I will never be the same.


Because of him,

It is now a sole reminder.

Of the girl I once was,

And nevermore.

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