Lost without you

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 19:47 -- EJ123

I am your sinful slave, I follow the path
Walking along the way you paved
Not waiting till the aftermath
wanting to be saved

O generous one I have a hole in my heart
From Witnessing my life fall apart
Which Only you can save dearly
I have evil in my heart
Recklessly forgetting you were here and always watching clearly
from what I took part

My fate is destined to be doomed Without you
O Merciful one I am surrounded to be among the mist of pitch blackness
However the remembrance of you gives me eternal bliss

But Like a river that will find the sea I know that without you I can't row and I'm stranded without my control
in the middle of the ocean and paralysed without any type of motion

Forgive me for my misdeed is what I plea.
Saving broken souls is what you do
that will fulfil my needs
Even though your favours on me is all I see.
From taking advantage of your kindness I bleed

I stand here again at your door
Asking again for your Merciful glance
Judging from my deeds I am poor
Asking for one more chance


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