Lost Romeo


United States
41° 42' 31.572" N, 87° 44' 48.5052" W
United States
41° 42' 31.572" N, 87° 44' 48.5052" W

Is it better left unsaid

Or shoud I scream

About how everything felt so real

And how much you mean to me


The colors were so clear

 I could see the difference between

Periwinkle and blue

Now everything has turned black

Like a night without the moon


Now I'm blind

Blinder then a man without eyes

I've lost my love

Was it the truth or all lies


She's not been seen

My Juliet, is no where to be found

Is it still worth living

Or should I leave this town


Leave the memories

Memories that caress my head

Or lie down and fall asleep

Never to wake up, to be dead


As I savor the taste of my solution

I have in my hand

I think to myself about it all

Was I running or being a man


Debating to spit the poison out

But it was to late

My broken heart

Had made the decision of my fate


As I look out the window

And say goodbye to the trees

I think of what she's doing now

Or what she think of me


I felt my hands go numb

My knees grow weak

It was such a strange feeling

Different, almost unique


With my eyes running to the back of my head

I lost my balance as I fall

Hitting the floor hard

Waiting for it to end, end it all


With my last remaining breath

My body grew cold more then ever

I hear the song of a bird

As it lures me to sleep forever.




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