lost promises and broken hearts

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 11:29 -- nea12

ok this isnt really a poem but just a way for me to vent my emotions for those who can relate


i saddens me that i cant cal you daddy

all those promises all thse lies 

left me broken hearted and crying.

i thought you loved me and mommy

i guess not! 

my first daddy daughter dance

my first talent show

you promised you would come you promised to be there

but you never showed..

i cried wondering why you werent there

i kept making excuses as to why you didnt show

but no i that i look back i relaize that  it was all lies 

i always used to think that it was my fault you were never here

like i pushed you away

do you know how many times i wished for you to be here!

how many time i begged mommy to take me to one of your so called football games

i remeber when you told me to come and we circuled the whole field looking for  you 


the whole way home i cried wishing i could have seen you 

every father day i get sad cause i see all my friends with their fatherss

holding hands and seeing how much they love their dad 

i always wanted to be able to say the words i love you daddy

but noo you werent there i never could!!!

you lost your only daughter because you coudnt be a man and stay to care for me 

you lost her and its too late to get her back..

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