Lost For Our Freedom

I think that our dreams

that we will marry

but never happen. I look at this dream is an unfair.


Why? Do this dream cut our love?

Never let us be together.


At the first place,

We meet each other.

At the first place,

If we never fell in love. Then this will never happen to us.


Today, we have fell in love.

We can not broke up.

Why? Do we still have to broke up?

Because our parents hate one another.


Maybe this hurts our heart until we die.

What have we done in our history?

Why? Is not other people.

Why? Is us.

We do not want to broken up.

Why? Our parents do not love us.


Now, Are you parent happy

To see us live unhappy

To see us live with tears coming everyday.

Are your parents happy now.

Or your parents will happy

until your parents see

Both of us die together.


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