To The Lost Man,

Please do not confuse these claims as my surmise,
I thought you cared, I swear it was all in your eyes.
However, the way you act, I could call you a sycophant
You are not all that magnificent.
You had the temerity to tell me you cared
The feelings weren’t tantamount, not the ones I shared.
My passion, my drive, and the feelings for you were superfluous,
I simply shared them in a tacit devotion.
Keeping up with my own head is strenuous
But seeing inside yours, the wonders were sublime, 
much better than my mind
But eventually you found me tedious
And found me a surrogate
It was too late,
You had won me over so succinctly
That I fear my heart is still submissive.
When I lost you my words turned strident
I’m sorry
Sadly, my love was so surfeit, that as it drains my cups still full
Why must I care so much? See so little? Still love while letting go?
It stupefies me
Trust me boy, our paths will cross again,
I am too young right now, same as you.
Please do not forget this girl that sees you through and through
But, please do forget the monster, now long gone, that lingered in her lies.
Now, If you look, Look, into azure eyes,
I know you will see her too, the real her, staring back at you. 
You will see her the same way she sees through you.


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